Elizabeth Reinau
February 2, 1927 - August 9, 2017

Margaret A Melzer
Palatka, FL

Dear Joan and Family,

I am so sorry about the passing of your beautiful mother, Betty. I had just met her at Vintage Care, and she always wanted me to sit with her and hug her. She liked and needed a lot of love, as did I. Such a beautiful lady. Mrs. Lillian Mackenzie, our late neighbor, always spoke highly of Miss Betty during their Garden Club days. I missed Miss Betty at Vintage and learned she had a tumble. I'm so sorry I did not get to see her before she passed, but I hope and think she knew I loved her. She told me how she and her husband had built a large activity room on your childhood home so that the teenagers could assemble in a safe place; it made her and your late father feel good to be able to provide fun activities in a good environment. She also told me how she and your father were the first owners of Jerry's Drive-In. My father, Herman, almost 96, knew her, too. Miss Betty was very elegant, and I know she is in Heaven with the Lord. Joan, your late husband, Paul Turnage, and his parents and sister were back-yard neighbors of my late Aunt Selma and Uncle Ludwik Kramarz. Those were definitely simpler, wonderful times when God, family, people, and relationships came first. I hope you got the voice message I left on your telephone; your mother asked me to call you, and I did as I promised and told her so. I just regret that I did not get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked, because I totally related to her. She cried a lot because she was in a new environment, and I got it. We all tried to give her as much love as she gave us. I just hated to leave her when I sat on the couch with her, but I told her God loved her, and so did I, and that I had to spend time with my mother at Vintage, too. You were blessed to have such a beautiful mother and father, and I let Lillian's granddaughter know that Miss Betty was at Vintage. May God bless and comfort you all now that a beautiful soul is at peace. Love, the Melzer Family

Saturday, August 12, 2017


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